Our Mackay colour consultant service is gaining popularity, however, there is still confusion around what a colour consultant actually does!

It is a common misconception that colour consultants simply pick your paint colours. While this is definitely a part of our role, it goes much deeper than this. We will help you choose your colours to tie in with every other aspect of your home design. From floorboards to curtains and everything in-between. We help make the subtle changes that create the overall effect of a well-designed home. We help create the mood of a room. We use light and colour to achieve your desired result, leaving you feeling relaxed and at ease in your surroundings. While the majority of well trained interior designers or decorators will have experience in basic colour consulting, it is a specialist service.

Minimise “choice overload” with a colour consultant Mackay

By engaging a colour consultant you can help minimise ‘choice overload’. Not sure what that is? Well, have you ever gone to pick a white paint and been completely overwhelmed but the hundreds of choices? Who knew there were so many shades and varieties of white?! We can help you select the right shade to achieve the result you desire.

Colour consultants go deeper than just “the look”

Colour consultants use colour to communicate a vibe or a style and to evoke an emotional response on a subconscious level.

While certain colours definitely trend, just like all aspects of style, different people are instinctively attracted to different colours and will associate different meanings and feelings with these colours.

Some people need lots of colour in a space – a bright eclectic collection of different colours makes them feel uplifted and happy.

colour consultant mackay spaces by maxineSource: Pinkax

Others will find a space like this completely overwhelming and will opt for more neutral tones such as creams and tans. Others again may seek out earthy tones like greens and browns. These colours are associated with our basic natural state and can be very soothing.

colour consultant mackay spaces by maxine

Source : Nordiskakok

By using the skills of a colour consultant you can achieve a smart and well-designed home that still reflects your personal style, and creates the right feel for your home.

At Spaces by Maxine we combine colouring consulting with our interior design skills to produce both beautiful, functional fresh homes. Let us help you create a space you love. Get in touch today!