The living room is that main part of the house where you spend most of your time at home either reading a good book, watching your favorite Netflix show, entertaining guests, or simply drinking a much-needed bottle of wine after a long and stressful day at work. This is considered one if not the most important part of the house that’s why it is but necessary to have it designed according to your own style and way of living. Living room styling although a fun way to express yourself in can honestly be quite a challenge, especially when you’re designing on a budget. Worry no more, because below is a list of insider tips on where to penny-pinch and where to splurge when styling a living room without sacrificing on quality and style.

Splurge: Your Couch

This is the biggest splurge-worthy item in living room styling! Of course, you want to spend your hard-earned money on something that you love to look at and the feel of, something that you will be using for years to come. What’s better than a super comfortable and high-quality sofa? After all, if you’re going to spend, might as well invest in something that will comfortably last you a lifetime. living room styling couch

Save: Coffee Table

The coffee table usually serves as an accent piece in your living room and doesn’t have to hold a lot of weight, so invest in the bigger pieces and save on the accent pieces. You can search high and low in discount stores for a stylish piece at an affordable price, just be careful and keep an eye on the table top finish as some finishes are easily scratched. living room styling coffee table

Splurge: TV and Stereo System

Who doesn’t want to watch a good movie in a private living room cinema after a long work week?  I know I do! So, invest in that state-of-the-art TV and stereo system that you’ve been eyeing off! You deserve it! living room styling entertainment unit

Save: Entertainment Unit

Just like the coffee table, this piece of furniture can be saved on, as long as it’s sturdy and your TV won’t fall off of it, then you’re good (better yet, why not wall mount your TV). Choose a piece that will compliment your overall living room style and not overpower the heroes of the room. living room styling entertainment unit

Splurge: What you love!

Living room styling is your personal way of expressing your own style, it is your personal canvas so might as well invest on conversational pieces like wall art, extravagant light fixtures, or any statement element that tickles your fancy and just simply makes you happy.  If you like it, then splurge on it! living room styling accent painting

Save: Decorative Objects

While you go all-in on conversation pieces such as art or lighting features, save on the decorative accents, after all, these are the things that are frequently changed to reinvigorate the space.

living room styling decor

Splurge: Rugs

You don’t necessarily have to go lavish on this one, but I’m sure you wouldn’t want a cheap one that would feel horrible underfoot.  It is easy to find a rug with a suitable texture that will fit any budget. Just keep in mind that your rug of choice can either make or break your whole living room styling, so choose wisely and select a size that will compliment the other features of the room. living room styling carpet

Save: Curtains

For some strips of fabric hanging from poles, curtains certainly don’t come cheap, keep an eye out for the sales at chain stores such as Kmart of Spotlight, you are sure to pick up a bargain to refresh the look of your room. living room styling curtains