Gone are the days where an interior designer was only for “high-end” homes with cash to splash. These days, interior designers are not so much a nice-to-have, but essential to ensure you’re spending your budget correctly.
As an interior designer Mackay, I often explain to my clients that the fee you pay your interior designer is often recuperated during the construction phase.
I know what you’re thinking – “how does paying someone to design my build/renovation SAVE me money? I could save money by doing it myself”. Read on and learn why this isn’t always the case…

1. Discounts

Have you ever seen “trade-only” or “wholesale” prices advertised and wish you were paying that? Well, with an interior designer, you are! Interior designers like Spaces by Maxine have access to these special rates. What’s more, interior designers like us build relationship with suppliers which allows us to negotiate even better rates for clients.
As a side note, most designers do charge a finder’s fee but that often still brings your item cost below retail. Plus, you’ve saved time (and stress) of having to source the item yourself!

2. Less building mistakes

This is often overlooked, but could mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars to your final renovation budget.
By not engaging a designer to develop concept plans and really consider the layout, your builder might be do-ing and re-doing certain aspects over and over. And this can add up.
For the mere mortal, designing a home with just numbers and a piece of paper (or computer) is challenging. How much space do I need to allow to fit everything? Which way should the door swing? Will this corner look pokey? What style of tile should I use?
Not only do interior designers know the mandatory building standards, they also know what will work by working of a plan. That means, when a wall is moved, it’s moved to the correct place (not a few feet over).

3. Make more at sale time

Whilst this may not pay off until down the track, a professionally designed house usually sells for more at sale time. A designed home is eye-candy for a lot of buyers. And because most buyers buy with their heart (not their head), creating a desirable home where they can imagine themselves living is key to increasing your home’s value.
Even if you don’t plan on selling for many years (and trends may have changed), a professionally designed home will flow better and appeal to more buyers.
Finally, hiring an interior designer won’t just save you money, but it might just save your sanity! Building or renovating can be a very stressful experience. You’re often required to make a lot of big decisions (and countless small ones) which you’ll have to end up living with for years.
If you’re looking for an interior designer Mackay, Spaces by Maxine offers affordable, inspired and practical design solutions, no matter what your vision or budget. Connect with Maxine today to discuss your next project.