If you’ve ever managed a home renovation in Mackay, you know how stressful it can get. In between finding and managing trades, choosing finishes and making all those decisions, it’s almost a full-time job!

To take the pressure off, many people in renovating in Mackay tend to hand all project management over to their builder. Which is great if your builder naturally has a great eye for design.

Often though, people are great at what they’re qualified in. And whilst builders can provide sound advice on some aspects of the design process, it’s not something they’re professionally trained in.

This means you may not end up with exactly the feel and functionality you had in mind. Or your builder may have to re-do elements of your renovation to get it right.

So what’s the solution?

Spaces by Maxine has identified that this is a common source of stress for renovations Mackay, and therefore launched Project Management services. Here are our top reasons why renovations in Mackay will benefit from this service:

  1. Take the pressure off yourself

    Renovating can be a full-time job. And most of the time homeowners have a lot else going on. By using us to manage your renovation we will take away the stress of designing the concept for your renovation, finding trades, managing them, choosing finishes and more! Of course, we will always consult you, but we will be very active in guiding you, based on the vision you have for your home.

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  2. Ensure good design is the focus of your renovations Mackay

    In the past, we’ve seen projects where the builder has opted for what was “easy” rather than “good design”. Of course, not all builders have this mentality, but as interior designers, our focus is on achieving great design. That means the best functionality and flow, and bringing your vision to life.

  3. Save money on your renovations Mackay

    Not everything is about cost, but if you can save money and achieve a better result; you’re way ahead of the game! Often, Spaces by Maxine will come in much more cost effective than hiring a full building company.


    Because we contract all our trades, we have fewer overheads than a building company with 5 carpenters on-staff, and all the rest.

    Our interior design rates are also very affordable, to ensure your renovation is achievable.

    Plus, by having us manage the design and renovation process, there are fewer mistakes and re-do’s. Which puts money back in your pocket


Thinking of renovations Mackay? Get in touch with Spaces by Maxine today to learn more about our renovation project management services.