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Thinking of renovating in Mackay? Our design management services are just what you need

Eliminate all the stress of your next home renovation so you can enjoy the process, and feel secure you’re going to love the end result.

If you’ve got a vision of the end result of how your home should look, but don’t have the time, know-how or nerves to handle a renovation project,Summit & Co. can help.

We’ve certainly got a knack for renovations! In fact, we’ve recently completed our own full-house renovation in a matter of weeks (and under-budget). Take a look at our portfolio here.

Is hiring an interior designer right for you?

If you:

  • Have never renovated before and don’t even know where to start

  • Have an end vision in mind, but don’t know how you’re going to get there

  • Are sick and tired of being let down by trades that say they’ll turn up (and don’t)

  • Just don’t have the time to manage a renovation project (either because of working full-time or a busy family life)

  • Have done your fair-share of renovations in the past, and just want the process to be easier this time around

Then our design management services are perfect for you!


  • Initial design concepts, including moodboards

  • Drawing up of plans and 3D views for entire homes, specific rooms and even cabinetry etc.

  • Finishes selections (floor coverings, window treatments, cabinetry, tapware, lighting and other fixtures). This usually involves shopping trips together.

  • Sourcing of fixtures, finishes and decor

  • Furniture selection and styling

  • Trade sourcing (we have a great team of builders, plumbers, electricians, painters, plasterers and more on hand)

  • Trade management including quote sourcing and invoice management

  • On-site main contact

  • Crisis management and mediation

  • We even can help you secure renovation loan funding!

Frequently Asked Questions: Renovations Mackay with Summit & Co.

Can't a builder just manage the project?

Builders have often filled the gap between managing trades and client communication as they’re usually the contractors across all elements of a renovation project. Whilst that works well for clients with a clear vision (and when working with builders with a knack for design), all of the design decisions still fall back on you as the client.

Trusting a builder to give interior design advice is like asking a printer to design a promotional flyer. They might be brilliant at bringing the design to life, but creative and conceptual thinking just isn’t what they’re trained in.

Using an interior designer from the start of your project means you have a clear vision for your home renovation; and having that same designer work with you throughout, means they are your ears, eyes (and even brain) so you only need to get involved when and if you choose to.

How does this process work?

1. Meet with Maxine for an initial consultation. Here you will discuss your needs and vision for the project and can decide if you and Maxine are a good fit to work together.

2. Maxine will then provide an estimate of her costs to complete Moodboards, plans and other designs, as discussed in your initial consultation.

3. The design process begins! You will work with Maxine to decide on layouts, finishes and other decisions for the renovation.

4. Maxine then calls on her talented and reliable team of trades to submit quotes to have the project completed and presents these to you in an easy to understand format. Maxine will also manage the invoicing and payments, so you only need to worry about paying one person.

5. Once everything is signed off; the renovation begins! Maxine works to your schedule to coordinate the trades and get the project completed.

6. During the renovation, Maxine can involve you as much or as little as you like. There will, of course, be times where she needs you to make decisions, but she will be there every step of the way to guide you.

7. Maxine will ensure all trades are on-time, on-budget and on-schedule. If there are any delays, she will ensure deadlines are met as close as possible while you simply get to enjoy seeing your new home unfolding.

8. Finally, your new home is complete! Maxine will complete a final walk-through to ensure you’re 100% satisfied, and be there to admire the finished product with you!

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