We all want Instagram-worthy homes these days. And if you’re anything like me, you can spend hours drooling over photos of perfectly styled homes online. As an interior designer Mackay I spend a lot of time working with clients to get their perfect look right. And I’ve put together a few top tips to allow you to get the “designer” look in your own home (for less).


Layers are the key to getting your home look like an interior designer has whipped through. There are countless opportunities to try your hand at layering in your home. These include cushions on your couch or bed, rugs, art pieces and general decorative objects.
The trick to layering is to mix size, colour and/or texture to create a sense of depth and evoke interest. As an interior designer Mackay I’ve had a lot of opportunity to get my layering down-pat, as it can take months if not years to perfect! So start practicing!
Try this – layer your throw cushions: go for three different cushions in a mix of pattern and solid, bold colour and soft colours or colours and texture.

Source: Instagram

Update lampshades

If you’re styling on a budget, chances are those table lamps you bought from Spotlight probably come with a pretty uninspired lampshade. But fear not. Simply by switching out the lampshade you can make a $15 lamp look like a coveted designed piece.
Try this – go for a lampshade in a shade that complements your interiors – and try find one that’s a little taller than expected.

Source: Pinterest

Style clutter

You might think that clutter is the enemy of a designed home. And whilst minimalism is definitely on trend, you can’t be expected to live in a show home 24/7. The solution? Style your clutter so that it looks like it’s on display on purpose.
Try this – colour coordinate the mess of books on your bookshelf, or try height order, to get the look.

 Source: Rue Daily

Replace window treatments

Say goodbye to expandable curtain rods and cheap looking curtains if you want your home to look instantly more stylish. If you have standard size windows, it only takes a bit of research on foot or online to get the ride size curtain rod.
It’s also important to spend a little extra on getting some nicer curtains which don’t look plastic-y.
Try this – to get the designer look, install a roller blind which rolls out towards you under some matching curtains. This will allow you to use the curtains in a more decorative way, and adds some all important layering to the room.

 Source: My Domaine

Hang large-scale art

Big artworks make a big statement and can completely transform a room. If space allows, hang a full-scale artwork which takes up most of the wall to really centre the room. Depending on the style of the room, it depends whether you need to stick to muted colours, or if you can afford to go wild with colour. The best thing about art is that it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Jump online and check out some poster stores which often offer framing. Or try your hand at some “abstract” art (aka amateur paint throwing at a canvas).
Try this – Hang a large scale piece of artwork above your couch, then pick your favourite colours to use as throw pieces, rugs and other accent pieces to tie it all together.

 Source: Pinterest
If you’re wanting to get the designer look in your home, speak to Spaces by Maxine today about how we can help. Sometimes all you might need is a mood board or concept to get you on your way, or we can manage the entire project.