What if you could build or renovate with total confidence?

No doubt. No regrets. Just a magazine-worthy home that looks *exactly* how you always pictured it in your mind.

What if you could build or renovate with total confidence?

No doubt. No regrets. Just a magazine-worthy home that looks *exactly* how you always pictured it in your mind.


Residential Interior Design Services


At Summit & Co., we see you.

You’re a homeowner looking to build or renovate, but you want to do it right.

With so many decisions around layout, finishes and colour, it’s hard to know where to look, let alone choose the tile that you’re going to be looking at every time you use the bathroom for the next 5+ years.

You probably have an idea in your head how you’d like your home to look. You’ve poured over decorator magazines, or been trawling through Instagram and Pinterest. But no matter how much research you do; you still feel unsure and, quite frankly, exhausted with all the options available to you.

Ultimately, all you want is to complete your new build or renovation with confidence that the space will not only look spectacular; but is also functional and fits with your life.

At Summit & Co., we believe that good interior design produces visually appealing spaces. Yet great interior design improves how you live.

Through our personal and human-focused approach to interior design, we will ensure your home not only looks just like you’ve always imagined; but works with how you live within your home.

From creating floor plans and 3D views (so you can see how your space will look even before a hammer is lifted) to narrowing your choice of paint colour and finishes; we do all the heavy lifting allowing you to truly enjoy the building process and, most importantly; love the end result.

If you’re ready to build or renovate your home with confidence and ease; we want to work with you!

Commercial Interior Design Services


Starting a business or growing an existing one can be stressful, and trying to create a positive work environment can add to that stress.

Whether you are trying to transform your outdated café into a comfortable, trendy space through interior decorating, or are building a corporate office space for your staff, Summit & Co. can find a solution for your commercial interior design project.

When working with Summit & Co. you can be assured that your project will be brought to life on time, and on budget. As well as that, you are guaranteed to have a build that is up to standard and regulation, meaning you can sit back and relax.

Our services are suitable for retail, hospitality, corporate and residential projects from a small to large scale. By partnering with our team of trusted builders and other trades, we work together with your vision in mind to bring your beautiful, functional space to life.

Having worked on a variety of projects, including commercial workplace design, we have an in-depth knowledge on what to expect and how to jump over any unexpected hurdles that may come your way. In the past we have transformed what used to be a run-down granny flat, into a fresh, trendy office for a growing business. This is just one example of the great work we have achieved.

The highly trained interior designers at Summit & Co. combine their creativity and understanding of the design journey to guide you through the initial concept, creating 3D views and floor plans, construction, furnishing and decorating the space.

So, if you’re thinking about transforming your boring commercial space into a show-stopping one and changing the way you work, we are here to make your vision come true.

Hey Maxine, I want to

Get help with concepts + layouts

Get help with space planning

Get help with fixtures + finishes

Get help with trades + suppliers

Maxine and the team at Summit & Co. helped me with a full renovation of our home in Mount Pleasant. The house we bought was a 1970s, badly laid-out family home and we wanted to transform it into a family home for our incoming first child.

I had a good idea as to what I wanted; but after one conversation with a builder who came to quote, it was clear I was out of my depth. I couldn’t believe just how much there was to think about; and I had completed some smaller renovations in previous homes – so I wasn’t a complete newbie.

After speaking with Maxine, I felt so much more relaxed about the task ahead of us. She really listened to everything I wanted and took time to get to know how we planned to live in the home.

The decisions seemed so much more manageable; and she even had her “dream team” of trades ready to work with which was a relief after being let down by so many suppliers who just never showed up during the quoting phase.

If you are contemplating any type of building work SPEAK WITH MAXINE!! I never realised how important it is to have a professional interior designer on your side and what a difference it would make to not only the end result; but my nerves.

Thank you Maxine!

Madeline Avery