Maxine Ottawa is an experienced interior designer located in the Mackay region. She is a passionate and practical Interior Designer whose aim is to make the design process as simple as possible for her clients.  If you are looking for an Interior Designer to really give you the edge on listing your home, Maxine and her team at Spaces by Maxine can definitely work with you through the various services that she has on offer. Placing your home for sale is one thing, but how do you make sure it stands out from the rest? When it comes to selling a home, the key is presentation, presentation, presentation! Styling is the decadent icing on the cake – the delicious sweetener to compliment a fantastic base! property styling mackay

Property Styling in Mackay

Spaces by Maxine is your one stop shop for all your property styling needs in Queensland’s Mackay region. Also known as “property staging”, Maxine and her team can quickly and affordably style your home to appeal to a wider audience when you are thinking about listing. As a property stylist, Maxine focuses on the property’s potential and identifies buyers’ needs and wants when creating a beautifully styled home. She knows how to make the most beautiful features of your property stand out and increase the properties appeal to a broader market. Maxine offers a variety of options to suit your needs, from completely staging an empty home to providing filler furniture to compliments the pieces already used within the home. Whether you plan on a DIY styling project or completely passing all the work to your stylist, we’re listing down tips on how you can easily set the styling theme within your home in preparation for listing day.

1. Repainting

It’s not always necessary, but if the property is in need of repainting, try neutral colors and avoid bold feature walls. As an awardee for being a finalist in the Master Painters Association Awards for Excellence for Maxine’s color selection on a multi-story strata unit complex, she can assist you in helping you choose the right shade to suit your abode. You can also look at online magazines when searching for inspo for the perfect color palette to suit your home.
property styling mackay

Image source: bhg.com

2. Minor Repairs

Now is the time to fix that squeaky door or re-adjust those dropped cupboard doors, combing through you home and attending to all those minor repairs will pay dividends on sale day. Maxine and her team offer kitchen and bathroom renovations to ensure everything is in good condition before putting your property up for sale.

3. Windows

Clean windows enhance the natural lighting in an area. Open window coverings to show homey outlooks onto gardens and scenic panoramas.

4. Lighting

Changing your lighting fixtures is one of the quickest and easiest ways to modernise your home.  Changing the bulb tone (either warm or cool white) can also dramatically change the ambiance of a room and bring a new perspective to the colour palette you have chosen. property styling mackay

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Other services

Spaces by Maxine also cater to other needs that clients may have. On top of property styling in Mackay, we can also assist with renovating in Mackay. Eliminate the stress of home renovations with our project management services, sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee as we liaise with the various trades tending to your project, however big of small! For general residential and commercial interior design services, Spaces by Maxine can work with you from start to finish!

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