Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important elements which influence a kitchen’s look. Not only do they set the tone of your kitchen (modern/country/heritage/eclectic) but they also play a big part in setting your budget.

At Spaces by Maxine, one of our most popular services is kitchen layout design and finishes selection. Kitchens are such an important part of a home, and people want to get them right. Take a look at what we advise our clients when choosing kitchen cabinet doors:

Consider the profile

When we take our clients shopping to discuss their cabinet doors with kitchen cabinet maker’s in Mackay, the first thing we consider is the “look”, or “profile”.

Squareline has to be the most popular choice for most kitchens, but it really depends on the feel you want to create.

kitchen cabinet makers mackay spaces by maxineImage source: Newline Kitchens

We used a gloss squareline profile in a recent kitchen renovation in Mount Pleasant, and used contrasting colours to define the space. Whilst everyone loves a white kitchen, it’s becoming more and more popular to add darker shades and textures.

kitchen cabinet makers mackay spaces by maxine

For more of a Farmhouse look (even if it’s a modern twist) or a Hamptons-style look, the Shaker cabinet profile will be your best friend. Take a look at the different ways the Shaker cabinet has been used by cabinet makers.

kitchen cabinet makers mackay spaces by maxineSource: Pinterest 

kitchen cabinet maker mackaySource: Pinterest 

Consider the finish

The age old question; matt or gloss? Some will tell you gloss is the only way to go for a brilliant looking kitchen, whilst others swear by matt for the look and to keep the grubby handprints at bay.

Kitchen cabinet makers in Mackay will tell you that high gloss is definitely the most popular cabinetry finish as it reflects light. This makes the space seem bigger than it actually is (which means it’s great for small rooms).

Image Source: Houzz

However in recent years, matt kitchens have made a comeback and are the finish of choice for homeowners. In Europe especially, matt is being used not only in traditional-style homes, but with modern squareline profile doors as well.

Image Source: Houzz

Choose the colour

Whilst it might be tempting to stick with the safe White Kitchen, I like to encourage my clients to go beyond and find a colour scheme which suits their home and their lifestyle. As a rule, light colours (especially in gloss) make a kitchen seem bigger. Conversely, using darker tones injects a touch of depth and elegance that you won’t get out of a white kitchen.

I also like to remind clients that you don’t need to stick with just one colour! If you want to try adding colour but don’t want to commit to an all-black kitchen, try using dark panels at the breakfast bench (like we did in Mount Pleasant).

spaces by maxine kitchen design

The most important thing when choosing kitchen cabinetry is that you love the outcome. I like to work with my clients in a way that gently pushes them to think outside what they would have ever considered. They are often surprised at the kitchen finishes they select, and so far we’ve had a 100% positive feedback rate!

If you’re considering renovating your kitchen, get in touch with Maxine today for help with kitchen layouts, finishes selection and even project managing your renovation. Or, if you’re just after some ideas and want to talk to an expert about your direction, we offer 1-hour in-home consultations where Maxine will come to your house, discuss your ideas and suggest her own to achieve the look you’re going for. You can then DIY the renovation yourself, or continue with using her help throughout the project.