As an Interior Designer Mackay, a lot of what I do is custom kitchen designs and finishes. The kitchen is the heart of the home and in most newer, open plan homes it’s highly visible. That may be why a lot of real estate agents say “kitchens & bathrooms sell homes”.
It’s for this reason that many of my clients engage me for custom kitchen designs. Not only does a custom kitchen installation cost more than your standard living or bedroom build or renovation, there are also an overwhelming amount of choices. Cabinetry, splashback, appliances, colours and most importantly, layout. And whilst layout is one of the main decisions you need to make and the hardest to get right, this is often the most overlooked by many home owners.
Take a look at the three main mistakes people make when designing their kitchens:

1. Not implementing the “kitchen work triangle” principal

Many homeowners haven’t heard of this, and those who have find it too complicated to implement. This principal is an absolute fundamental in kitchen design. It dictates that there are three main kitchen workstations, which should all be close at hand and (loosely) in a triangle shape. These workstations are:
  • The sink
  • The fridge
  • The cooktop
Just like there are a range of different “versions” of a triangle, there are a number of different options of how this triangle can be implemented. Take a look at the diagrams below:

2. Wasting storage space

Unless you have a perfectly rectangular space in which to design and build your custom kitchen, you will most likely have a few odd corners and obstacles which will mess with getting the ultimate in storage and cabinetry.
The main purpose of kitchen cabinetry is to store stuff. And don’t we have a lot of stuff?! Many homeowners underestimate the amount of storage they actually need in their kitchens. And when you’re paying to install a custom kitchen, you want to make sure it fits all your needs.
Overhead cupboards, clever appliance nooks, drawers vs. cupboards, slide-out racks and more are all options which can be included in your custom kitchen design. Trust me, clever storage will actually change your life!

Source: Reno Guide

3. Not enough bench space

Just like storage, kitchen benches are often under estimated. Common questions I’m asked include:
  • How much space do I need to the side of my sink?
  • Will that size kitchen island be big enough?
  • Can I really fit a breakfast bench?
  • Do I need extra space around my cooktop?
Whilst every kitchen is different, the more work space you can fit, the happier you will be in your kitchen. No one wants to feel restricted when they’re cooking up that family roast, or going mad with meal prep.

– – – – –
Custom kitchen design can be considered an art (well, I like to think of it as one!). I always remind my clients that at the heard of it, a kitchen is a functional space. Therefore, we firstly need to ensure we get the “functional” layout aspects right, before we start looking at the finishes and colours (even though it’s a very exciting part of the process).
If you’re considering installing a custom kitchen in your home, feel free to get in touch to discuss how I can help you. I have worked with a number of Mackay cabinetmakers and can recommend some of my favourite contractors to work with you also.